Thor's Hammer Links


article on a specific example, but with general info as well

image copyright Danish National Museum
historical examples of Thor's hammer pendants

Contemporary Pendants for Sale

If you google or search ebay for Thor's Hammer Pendants you will get a lot of hits. Here are a couple of the better ones in my opinion.

historical replicas
historical replicas
more modern reinterpretations

image copyright Hartmut Reinsch
My favourite contemporary interpretation of the Thor's Hammer Pendant is by German Canadian goldsmith Hartmut Reinsch. His other pieces are worth checking out as well.

Hate Symbol?

Is Thor's Hammer a hate symbol? The Anti-Defamation League seems to think so, at least potentially.

If you don't know what the Anti-Defamation League is about, check out this wikipedia article on them.

The short answer to the question is 'No, Thor's Hammer is not a hate symbol'. All symbols, including the Star of David, may be used by fanatics. That's just a sad fact. To say that the Star of David is a hate symbol would be disrespectful, regardless of qualification. I won't go on a rant about the ADL, especially since I think the wikipedia article does a good job of presenting a balanced perspective.