"It's a myth" is an expression sometimes used to suggest that something isn't true, and the implication seems to be that it is therefore of limited utility, or perhaps even deceitful. Yet mythology is so much more than that.

It may seem somewhat tragic that religions die as religions, their stories becoming 'just' stories. And yet, freed from the bonds of literal truth, this transition allows for insight into their deeper meanings, not just for a specific people of a specific period, but for the entire human family.

Indeed, we may discretely consider all religions as myth, thus giving ourselves one key which opens many treasuries of insight. I say "discretely" because there are religious folk who will insist that their religion represents THE literal truth, their highest value. There is no reasoning with fundamentalists, and there is also no need to offend them.

However, let those who have ears to hear listen for what is in all these stories.