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Posted by Rob Mince on August 26, 1998 at 19:50:00:

I like your idea but so many people simultaneously USE and HATE science....How can we call this today's religion?

I am a science teacher but also a zen buddhist and a believer in constructivism and subjective reality for all. I don't see science as the ANSWER, but I do appreciate some of its uses.

Along those lines, picture a commuter driving that latest sporty japanese car. I don't believe he'd call his car the answer to life (as religion is referred to by many), but it does get him home and it's fun to drive. If scientism was the THING, we'd somehow all find a way to put scientists on a pedistal. BUt instead of doing that, we curse science for moving us far away from our "souls" and leaving us feeling empty, and without an ultimate goal, which is what many religions claim to provide.

No, I think science is considered by most to be a necssary evil........but what would happen if we suddenly snatched away all that science has afforded us!!!!! Maybe you'd be proven right.

Fast car v. Inner peace


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