Alchemy : An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology
by Marie-Louise Von Franz

Midwest Book Review
It was the genius of Carl Jung to discover in the "holy technique" of alchemy a parallel to the psychological individuation process. Alchemy: An Introduction To The Symbolism And The Psychology completely demystifies the subject. Designed as an introduction to Jung's more detailed studies, and profusely illustrated, Alchemy is a lucid and practical account of what the alchemists were really looking for -- emotional balance and wholeness. Marie-Louise von Franz has a gift for translating esoteric symbolic material into everyday experience. For the images and motifs that so occupied the alchemists were of an archetypal nature, and as such they constantly turn up in modern dreams and drawings. Alchemy is an important book, invaluable for an understanding of dreams and indispensable for anyone for anyone interested in relationships and communication between the sexes. Alchemy is an essential addition to the metaphysical reference shelf.

The publisher, Inner City Books: , 11/27/96
Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, no.5
Shows the secret goal of alchemy to be the transformation of the personality, the search for wholeness. Invaluable for interpreting images in modern dreams and for an understanding of relationships. 84 illustrations. Index. Over 32,000 sold.

"An eminently practical guide to what is going on in the laboratory of the unconscious." - Chiron.