House As a Mirror of Self : Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home
by Clare Cooper Marcus

How-To Editor's Recommended Book, 06/01/97
This is a refreshing, unique, and fascinating look at how we feel about our homes, how we shape them to suit ourselves, why some homes make is feel safe and secure and at ease, and others make us paranoid and uncomfortable. This book, in my opinion, should be legally required reading for every architect, interior designer, and real estate agent. For the rest of us, it is a surprisingly interesting look at the meaning of home. Clare Cooper Marcus's extensive and detailed interviews with people living in all kinds of homes, from illegal shacks to mansions, provide eye-opening insights into what "home" is, and how to create the feeling of home for you. It's about time someone finally wrote this book!

This fascinating study of "home" and "psyche" examines the complex connections which individuals create with their surroundings. Young and old, owners and renters, men and women--more than 100 people opened their doors to Marcus, giving a glimpse into their feelings toward their homes and consequently themselves. 40 color illustrations. 25 photos. --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title.

This ground-breaking book explores what our relationships to our houses reveal about ourselves. Featuring interviews with over 100 people, and their color drawings about their homes as well as photos of their actual homes, UC Berkeley professor Marcus tells us what our houses would say to us if they could talk. Color drawings.