Transformation : Emergence of the Self (Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology, No 7)
by Murray Stein, David H. Rosen

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In Transformation: Emergence of the Self, noted analyst and author Murray Stein explains what this process is and what it means for an individual to experience it. Transformation usually occurs at midlife but is much more complicated than what we colloquially call a midlife crisis. Consciously working through this life stage can lead people to become who they have always potentially been. Indeed, Stein suggests, transformation is the essential human task. Stein first details how this process of transformation emerges and develops in an individual. Why does this transformation occur, and, more specifically, why does it so often occur in midlife? Using the examples of poet Rainer Maria Rilke and psychoanalyst C. G. Jung, Stein illustrates the transformation process and shows the role of images and intimate relationships in suggesting new ways of thinking and living. Finally, Stein examines the process in the lives of three important people - Jung, Picasso, and Rembrandt - whose experiences of transformation led to even greater creativity and freedom.