Understanding Your Personality
by Patricia Hedges

Quoted from the author's website at http://web.ukonline.co.uk/Members/p.hedges/
Understanding Your Personality is a straightforward explanation about personality type. My book gives an explanation of the four pairs of preferences and how these work out into 16 types. It goes on to give profiles of the 16 types, and to explain how these fit into four temperaments. Type tells us about the different traits that make up our personality, and temperament tells us about our personality as a whole. The remaining chapters show how personality deeply affects all areas of our life.

There are two chapters about work. One of these looks at the work we do, and some of the difficulties we have in working together with people of other types; there are ideas for how some of these conflicts might be resolved. Another chapter looks at how we can give careful consideration to the work we choose, and there are suggestions for the sort of work each type is best suited for. A later chapter looks at education from the point of view of temperament; it goes into the different learning styles of both children and adults, and the different teaching styles of the four temperaments. Other chapters look at more personal and social issues.

One chapter looks at how opposing types may find themselves in the same family, and how the different needs of each member have to be accommodated. Another looks at attraction and conflict in Love; how opposite types attract, as each offers the other what they cannot provide for themselves, but when living together a couple may be wanting different things and different lifestyles. There are two other chapters. The first looks at how we present ourselves to other people, and how Introverts are often misjudged. The final chapter gives suggestions for developing our "other side" or "shadow". UNDERSTANDING YOUR PERSONALITY is published by Sheldon Press at 6.99, and is available through all good bookshops.