Your Shadow
by Robin Robertson

The author, Robin Robertson , , 06/02/97
The Shadow is everything we deny, but need to be whole.
Our conscious personality, the person we think we are, is just a tiny part of our total psyche. Within the total psyche, there is a desire for wholeness, which isn't satisfied when our conscious personality becomes too one-sided. When we deviate too far from the person we are intended to be, a compensatory figure forms in the unconscious. Famed psychologist C. G. Jung was the first to recognize this figure, which he called the shadow, since it forms a dark outline of our conscious personality. The shadow is a paradox. While it initially appears to us as loathsome and despicable, it actually contains all our future potentialities for development. This book will tell how we can deal with the shadow, and eventually merge with it to become a whole person.