This is a catch all term, in many ways, yet at the same time a term for something essential prior to its being clothed within cultural contexts. That it can stand alone as a category is very encouraging, since it suggests that people dissatisfied with conventional religion don't have to throw out the baby with the bath water!

However, religion at its best is a good place to find spirit, so from here you will also find subcategories devoted to the world's religions. Currently Buddhism and Paganism are the only ones here, but others will be added.

Feel free to suggest religion links. An important criteria for inclusion here is inclusiveness, since that is how I consider the health of a religion (Skynner & Cleese, Life and How to Survive It, 1995). This varies along a spectrum from the very small cult with charismatic leader where only a select few are chosen, to those religions where it doesn't matter what you profess, rather intention and action are what is important. I'm looking to the latter end of the spectrum for links.