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Perfect Golf

I have perfected the game of golf by making one minor adjustment to the rules, but one which has a profound effect on the game. This is not presented as a replacement for the current rules, as the effect of the change is so major as to practically make them different games, and some may wish to continue playing the old.

Rather than beginning at the tee off point, players proceed directly to the green and put their balls in the cup. Then they rejoice. The form of the rejoicing may be holding hands around the hole and shouting "HURRAH" in unison, or perhaps "HOLE IN NONE!"

This is repeated through all 18 holes. At the end all players have perfect scores of 0. Everyone is a winner.

Players may wish to bring along their clubs as ritual objects, but more practical would be a picnic hamper, especially at this point in the history of Perfect Golf, since many on the course may still be playing by the old rules which are more time intensive. Time spent waiting for players ahead may be used for conversation, snacking, talking business, communing with nature -- essentially whatever is most agreeable to the players.

In the future we may see further developments of Perfect Golf, such as customized Perfect Golf balls. Since the balls are never hit, they may be made of diverse materials and likewise fashioned. They could be carved of wood, or crystal, for example. Likewise, size is not a factor, so smaller ones might also serve as pendants, especially since they could be fashioned from precious stones. The only limit on size is in the upper dimensions. Perfect Golf balls are not larger than regular golf balls, so that several may fit in the same cup.

Courses designed for Perfect Golf exclusively would enjoy a greater degree of latitude in their design, perhaps reflecting the interest of the users of the course. Hikers might favour courses set up in the wilds of nature, whereas bicyclists could easily set up a course along a bike path. It would not be difficult to incorporate a Perfect Golf course into an historic city, such as Paris. The ninth hole might be at the Louvre.

For now it is probably easiest to play on conventional courses, but the diversity and flexibility of Perfect Golf, plus its ability to bring people together in mutual assured victory, make the future of this new sport exciting and unpredictable.

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