All plays are copyright by Eric Pettifor, but you're welcome to print them out for easier reading if you wish. For info on performance permission and royalties and that sort of thing, contact me.

The Apple Kingdom is the play which reads best and is suitable for, as they say, audiences of all ages. It's a fairy tale. The reason characters suddenly start speaking in verse periodically is that it is a musical in disguise.

LIZARD Once upon a time, a long time ago,
For that's the way these stories go,
Once upon a time, a sigh across the years,
Initials in a stone, a reflection in a tear.

Stones is a play about two women journalists on a holiday/assignment to Scotland. They meet up with a somewhat sinister yet romantic Scottish thief at the Callanish Standing Stones. It's good in performance, but reads the least well of the three.

JOHNBelieve what you will. I just report the events.
ALEXThe legend.
JOHN The events of the legend, the legend of the events.